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So it was a while since I posted again, it feels like a lot of people have gone to use twitter or tumblr instead, but I still use some livejournal comms and I update here now and then, even if it's not that often, but I wish I could do more posts.

Anyway this week is not fun, two exams in ONE week.. ugh. Math that I'm retaking this Saturday and then this other class, and the exam to that one is on Friday, so two days in a row.. yay.. or not. But I have to just study, and then I can relax some more again. Anyway this exam on Friday sounds really tricky, there are only six questions and we have to write like one to two pages with our answer of it, and we can't have zero points one any questions, because even if you have the right the answers on all the others questions, but missed one and got no points on that, you have to retake the whole exam. Which I find pretty annoying.. could they not have more questions instead, small ones.. like a normal exam.. Ugh.

Been so sick this month, first like a super cold/flu thingy, and then when I was sick I also had heartburn.. not fun.. and I ate a piece of toast, and I guess did not chew it properly so it cut my throat, so I had a scratch in my throat.. that took a week to heal.. I could feel it each time I swallowed, and I had to only eat soft kinds of food.. After that my throat feels sort of sore, like it's still a bit.. idk not healed, or maybe it's the heartburn, who knows.. I had that once before, the scratch down my throat.. but then it healed much quicker and I hardly had any pain at all.. But this time it seems worse.. Anyone else had that?

Anyway, not much more to say I guess.. other than this month had been stressful, but I am excited for Sweden's booksale that starts tomorrow, woohoo!